reneeRenee Terese has worked in the Healing Arts for over two decades. Her initial studies and practice emphasized nutrition/organic foods along with exercise/ dance programs. As her own health began to unravel, and traditional medicine being at a loss to help her, she began to explore and become schooled in the healing & nurturing arts and alternative medicine.

Today, she is healthy, creative and thriving. Through the use of alternative forms of therapy and building a bridge within traditional medicine, she was able to begin to look deeper and see patterns into her own disease, using flower essence remedies. She has been privileged to guide her own family’s growth stages and struggles in using the healing arts and finds it equally “a sacred work” for those whom work with her and who choose to begin to create wholeness and healing for themselves. She uses food and flower essences as her base.

She studied with the North American Flower Essences of Nevada City, California which incorporates the original 38 essences of Dr. Edward Bach of England along with over a hundred and fifty verified flower essences of North America. She is a member and works closely with the Flower Essence Society via infomercials case studies and support work with Whole Food sand other major health food stores across the country.

She has finished her four-year training at the school for nurturing arts. Nurturing arts brings the artistic process to us as a source of personal and social renewal. Based on the work of Dr. Rudolph Stieiner and Maria deZwann.

She has studied under Jeanne Rose aromatherapist/herbalist and practiced in the art of aromatherapy at Of the Earth, in San Juan Capistrano, under Kathleen Strycula, aromatherapist.

Renee Terese has studied story and writing therapy with Joseph Campbell’s curator Johnathon Young, Jungian Therapist within the Center for Story and Symbol of Santa Barbara.

Working with responsible technologies like the biomat mat infrared technology and ENG Activ Air conjunctive therapies as home-spa remedies, she has had many personal and professional client transformations.

She works along with  detoxing principals  via raw vegan diets with Arnoux Goran , Dr Jacob Swilling, Brian Clements of Hippocrates Institute,  David Wolfe  and Raffi Dilsian of Omica Organics. She has works closely with traditional food practices and Doctors of Traditional diets of  the Weston A Price Foundation ,  Dr Tom Cowan, Four Fold Healingand Neurologist Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, of the Gaps diet.

Renee Terese has an organic/biodynamic garden and  and is committed to Organic Foods and Sustainable agriculture and helping to do her part to heal the earth and her people.

Renee Terese’s mission statement is to build a bridge from traditional medicine to alternative medicine-healing arts and back again. Her goal for each persons true well being is in bringing together the body and the soul in health and healing, creating a true integrative medicine for the 21st century and beyond.

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